Tahoe Golfing

Lake Tahoe Adventures

There’s nothing more depressing than a Back To School Sale. If you’re a kid it’s the harbinger of doom, and for adults it means summer’s nearly over and you haven’t even gotten sunburned yet. But don’t mothball your bathing suit just yet; there are still a few months of glorious summer fun awaiting you, especially […]

Timber Cove Inn  Fireside Patio Sonoma Coast

The Sonoma Coast: Your 4-Day Dream Getaway

I’m always amazed at how few Californians have spent time exploring the Sonoma Coast, or even knew that Sonoma County has 76 miles of gorgeous, pristine coastline. If you’re one of those people, then it’s high time you spent a long weekend exploring one of the prettiest regions of the state, brimming with golden beaches, […]


My Memorable Family Getaway to Monterey

Which of the following words does not belong: a) kids, b) travel, c) relaxation? Any parent who has traveled anywhere with kids knows that c) relaxation is the answer. Sure, it can be enjoyable to watch the smiles on your kids’ faces as they explore new places and experience new adventures, but what about you? […]

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Santa Cruz Wine Getaways

Last month at a wine event in San Francisco I met a woman who used to travel throughout Northern California selling French and Hungarian barrels to wineries. I found that so intriguing that I asked her if she could write an article for LocalGetaways.com about her favorite Nor Cal wine region. And here it is—an […]


Family Adventures in San Francisco

As any parent can tell you, when you’re traveling with kids, getting there is (and better be) at least half the fun. Fortunately, here in Northern California, we’ve elevated unusual and entertaining modes of transportation to an art form. On an average day, you can ride a cable car halfway to the stars, take a […]

nature bridge

8-Day Dream Getaway – Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway

Because the California Coast is so vast and geographically varied—from misty redwood forests to gold-sand beaches and rugged mountain ranges—it would take weeks to see all its major attractions. I’m guessing your summer vacation days are limited, so I’ve put together this recommended itinerary to help you make the most of your time. This 8-Day […]

Cornerstone Gardens Napa

Botanical Gardens in California

  I have a confession to make: If I didn’t have to visit botanical gardens to review them for my travel guides, I never would have learned how amazing the places are. Until I actually visited the spectacular Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, I never realized how… entertaining the world of botany can […]


Pet-Friendly Getaways – Sonoma Wine Country

There are few places in California that are prettier right now than springtime in Sonoma County. Vineyards are awakening with leafy canopy, blazing yellow mustard flowers are in full bloom, and goats and sheep—nature’s lawn mowers—are busy grazing upon vibrantly green hills and pastures. And who better to share these harbingers of summer and good […]

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Mother’s Day Getaways

    If anybody deserves a weekend of blissful indulgence, it’s all the moms out there. As if giving birth wasn’t hard enough, then they had to rearrange their entire world to take care of you. So for all those sleepless nights she spent making sure you were safe and warm, here’s what you’re going […]

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