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Oh the places you’ll go!

– Dr. Seuss

Welcome to LocalGetaways, the only website on the planet that’s dedicated to helping Californians find quick, easy, and accessible getaway trips in their own backyard by offering a whole new way to find and book local travel adventures.

No other destination on the Internet has more to offer those who want to get away, save, and explore.

The team at LocalGetaways is obsessed with making sure you get the best deals at our favorite hotels in California, then we go even further by offering hundreds of fun getaways tips throughout the state, from Redwood National Forest to Death Valley and the most awesome 7-Day California Road Trip of your life.

For those seeking a short, affordable break from the rigors of the work week, there’s now a dedicated website that unlocks all of California’s most treasured deals and destinations.

Think of LocalGetaways.com as your personal travel agency to California.  



There are plenty of sites that talk about savings and reasons to travel, but only LocalGetaways.com delivers exclusive savings tied to exciting and often overlooked adventures that dig beyond the typical locales. Each LocalGetaways deal is vetted by in-house travel experts and then tested to ensure that a LocalGetaways deal is exclusive and packed with extras, perks, and value.  


LocalGetaways.com goes a step further, thanks to the insights and wisdom of Matthew Poole, our LocalGetaways Publisher and author of numerous Frommer’s guides to California. Matthew’s inspiring travel articles and tips are designed to get everyone—families, couples, friends to hit the open road and have their own getaway experiences.


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We’re like the Wonder Twins with our Powers Activated! Except that there are four of us. Wonder Quadruplets?

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Matthew Poole
Founder & CEO

When your only skillset is eating, sleeping, and criticizing, there aren’t a lot of successful career paths you can take other than running a travel company.

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Laree Mancour
Web Wizard

My work day typically goes like this: Matt breaks the site, I fix the site. Matt asks, “Can we add this to the site?” and I say, “Sure. If you want it to suck.” But hey, it’s good to feel needed.

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Leslie Keats
Graphic Designer

“Leslie, we need a new ad designed by 3:30!” “What time is it now?” “2:45. Is that a problem?” “Um. You’re joking, right?” And yet it’s done, beautifully, on time, every time.

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